Maker Monday – Breaking barriers

Have you ever wanted to do something that no one had ever done before?

Andy Says: “Inspired by the beautiful architecture in Suzhou/Hangzhou area, this is my Lantern Festival Street View model…  I spent well over a month creating them with mostly ordinary LEGO bricks that anyone can find in their products. So, which of these bricks do you recognize from your own collection?”

Maybe you’ll be encouraged by the story of Andy Hung, the first Chinese LEGO Certified Professional (LCP).  He is currently the only LCP throughout the Greater China Region.  He creates amazing art using only LEGO bricks.  Notable creations by Andy go from large-scale architecture models to sculptures and mosaics.  Some of them have been showcased in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Denmark.

Many of Andy’s incredible creations came from very ordinary LEGO bricks that you might even have at home.  You never know where your hobbies might take you.  So just because something has not been done before doesn’t mean you can’t be the first.

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