Our Instructors

Each and every Learning Fun 101 instructor is trained, enthusiastic, has extensive experience with children, has passed a recent and rigorous background check and can quickly tell the difference between LEGO®’s version of a spur gear and a crown gear, even when blindfolded.

We love to teach, read, travel, the beach, mountain bike, play piano, garden, sew, mess around with robots, duel with light sabers, build catapults,  and play with kids, especially our own ( We have over 25 kids between us!) Many of our homes are full with LEGO®s.

We believe that inquiry is learner-driven, not teacher driven, so our instructor must take a back seat to his or her participants’ curiosity. Our instructor simply facilitates the learning process. Facilitating inquiry experiences requires flexibility, patience, tolerance of ambiguity, and an emphasis on student skill building. When learner-driven inquiry takes place, the instructor becomes a learner, too. And not just in the content area, but by gaining a deeper understanding of his/her students’ thinking processes as well as the process of inquiry itself.

We have a unique locally owned family business were we encourage our instructors to work alongside their children, who incidentally have either competed in FIRST LEGO League or have enjoyed learning in one of our camps or classes in the past.

All our of Instructors continue to or once held jobs as educators in the public, private or the home school arena.

All of our classes include at least one instructor who is certified in both CPR and first aid. Just for good measure.

Want Learning Fun 101 to teach LEGO® Robotics or another science in your school? Invite us!