Contractor curriculum, instructions and links

All lesson are from various websites, free source material and purchased curriculum- They are to be used for educational purposes only.  Learning Fun 101 did not create this material.

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Simple Machines K – 3rd (White Box)

Simple Machines 3rd & up (Blue Box)

Online Training

Simple Machines 3rd & up (Blue Box):

Online Training

Story Starters <—— NEW this year


Contractor Training, Scheduling, Paperwork & Invoice:

Contractors please take time to go over all the items below it will help to make our summer run smoothly – any comments or suggestion would be helpful.


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All paperwork needs to be turned in at training.

General Learning Fun 101 Forms

If you plan on teaching at the following location you will need additional forms filled out

Brushy Creek Community Center

Georgetown Rec Center

Round Rock Isd

Leander Isd

Jewish Community Center

You will need to send us the following:

  • Copy of CPR /First aid cards

Contractor Informaiton


Contractor Invoicing


Camp Schedules

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