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Lego DaysRemember LEGOs…the colorful, plastic building blocks that have turned kids into builders for generations? Now LEGO has a new generation of building fun called LEGO Robotics, and kids are loving it!

For the past 5 years Learning Fun 101 has been educating young, aspiring engineers, using the latest in LEGO technology, LEGO robots and LEGO learning, and making it FUN for kids.

Now we offer LEGO Birthday Parties and LEGO Fun Days.



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Lego Birthday Parties

An interactive hands-on with a difference!

Using the LEGO educational robots, children will be able to find out how a robot really works. The programing itself is based on LEGO’s easily understandable computer program, whereby students intuitively use the simple ‘drag and drop’ icons to form their code. The party is built around a series of themes, dependent on ability and interest.


  • Sports
  • Battle Bots
  • Cars
  • Amazing Machines
  • LEGO Fun
  • or we will create one for your child

Limited to 14 children as a maximum

 Ages 5 – 14

Working in pairs, children are guided step by step on how to program their robot to perform precise movements as well as how to operate environmental sensors such as light and sound.

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LEGO Fun Days

Children & parents are encourage to come for a fun filled day of LEGO building and Discovery!

Our LEGO Robotics Fun days allow kids ages 4 – 104 to build and create different projects at any of  the many LEGO Fun activity centers.

Fun event’s include some of the following activities:

  • Help build a giant LEGO mini figure!
  • Challenge yourself to be the last man standing in the LEGO Battle Tops or Bots Arena!
  • Dive into a swimming pool full of LEGO pieces for “Free Building”. It’s like a treasure hunt and that one special LEGO piece is your treasure. Build anything & everything – just for fun!
  • Create a unique spin art using our LEGO NXT spin art machine.
  • Play a fun LEGO game

LEGO Fun days are a great way to have fun with the family and best of all it’s FREE!

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