Learning Fun 101 Learning Programs are a fresh and FUN way of approaching STEM, STEAM, and ESTEAM Exploring, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math! We get excited about learning and are experts at making it fun for children! Our unique program focuses on exploratory learning in a fun-infused environment!

Our year round program offers  Engineering, Programing and Robotics using LEGO® WeDo Robotics Systems (LEGO® Education’s award-winning construction kit and software designed for kids ages 4 to 7) and the  LEGO® MINDSTOM® NXT  and EV3 construction kits for kids ages 8 and up

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fungineering is appropriate for children ages 4-7.

JR. Engineers’ is appropriate for children ages 7 and up.

Advanced Engineers’ is appropriate for children ages 9 and up.

We believe in letting kids learn and explore at their own pace. Our students work in teams and our instructors tailor teaching for each team. This allows us to spend more time explaining fundamental concepts to some students, while introducing advanced engineering and programming challenges to others. In other words, no one gets overwhelmed, everyone gets challenged, and no one ever gets bored!
Although we use over 10,000 LEGO® and the amazing LEGO® Education products in our program, we are not affiliated with LEGO® or LEGO® Education.
We believe in small class sizes (maximum: 14 students per educational director and one helper). The children are teamed up in small groups, so that only 2-4 students share a kit. The class size is usually limited to 24 students with 2 camp directors and 2 – 4 counselors, the minimum size is 8.
In our core robotics program using LEGO®, our students learn the engineering concepts behind simple machines (how axles, pulleys and gears work, etc.) as well as elementary concepts of computer programming – all in a super fun environment involving LEGO®! Students learn how to build by building really cool projects and then we challenge them to build their own and modify the design. We give students time to enjoy free building to help develop their creative process. The power of LEGO.
As you know, LEGO® bricks can be used to build many different things. Throughout our classes, camps and workshop;  children build several different projects using the same parts and pieces from our kits. Therefor our kits and project may not go home with your student.  We will however, do our best to take pictures and post them on fcebook
Learning Fun 101 is a Texas LLC, based in Austin metro area. We’re insured and our instructors are trained with extensive background checks.