Want your child to do something unique and absolutely cool?

How about having them learn how to build and design Robots using the LEGO® bricks?

 Learning Fun 101 will challenge your student with authentic, hands-on explorations and then provide support as they engage in:

Questioning • Exploring • Imagining • Designing • Constructing • Inventing • Testing • Observing • Learning • Failing (and trying again)

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Engineering, Programming, LEGO Robotics and Drones  – Rising K – 7th


LEGO Robotics Camps

Drones Camps

LEGO Maker Camp
6/4  –  6/8 Smart Moves Battle Drones Maker Space
6/11  –  6/15 Battle Bots Smart Moves Maker Space
6/18  –  6/22 Amazing Machines Fun & Games Maker Space
6/25  –  6/29 Fun & Games Tech Heroes Maker Space
7/2  –  7/6 Battle Bots The Amazing Race Maker Space
7/9  –  7/13 Special Forces Battle Drones Maker Space
7/16  –  7/20 Smart Moves Fun & Games Maker Space
7/23  –  7/27 Battle Bots The Amazing Race Maker Space
7/30  –  8/3 Amazing Machines Tech Heroes Maker Space
8/6  –  8/10 Fun & Games Battle Drones Maker Space
8/13  –  8/17 Battle Bots Smart Moves Maker Space

For any questions regarding our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

No prior experience with LEGO® bricks or robotics is required.


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Year Round Programs

LF101 Fungineers’ – K to 1st grade

Budding engineers’ entering grades K & 1st are given age appropriate LEGO® lessons and games, and LEGO® sets with plenty of instructors to help with building. We focus on creating a fun, friendly and caring environment for our youngest LEGO® builders! They will be challenged with the LEGO® WeDo robotic program where they will build & program their own robotic creations and learn about gears, pulleys, levers and more!

Summer FUN Checklist

  • LEGO® WeDo Educational Kits
  • LEGO® Simple Machines Kits
  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Hands on Learning
  • FUN!

LF101 JR. Engineers’ – 2nd & 3rd grade

For our advancing robot engineers’ entering 2nd & 3rd grade, lessons incorporate technology concepts, engineering principles, programming and imagination. Student will build robots, simple machines, LEGO® Brick creations and learn about science concepts all while having fun. They will be challenged with the LEGO® Mindstorms  NXT robotic program where they will build and program their own robotic creations!

Summer FUN Checklist

  • LEGO® WeDo Advanced Educational Kits
  • LEGO® Mindstorms Educational Kits
  • LEGO® Motorized Simple Machines Kits
  • Programming & Engineering
  • Team Challenges
  • Hands on Learning FUN!


LF101 Advanced Engineers’ – 4th to 7th grade

Our extreme builders & engineers entering 4th – 7th grade will learn about structure and design by building with our LEGO® building sets. They will be challenged with the LEGO® Mindstorms NXT & Ev3 robotic programming and will build their own robotic creations and have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge with mini competitions & challenges throughout the week!

Summer Fun Check List

  • LEGO® Mindstorms Educational Kits
  • LEGO® Motorized Simple Machines Kits
  • Advanced Programming
  • Engineering
  • Team Challenges
  • Hands on Learning FUN!

Using the LEGO® educational robotics system, children will be able to find out how a robot really works. The programing itself is based on the LEGO® program software which enables children to build and program robots to do what they want, whereby students intuitively use the simple ‘drag and drop’ icons to form their code.

Summer Camp Details

Please allow time to accompany your child into camp each day to ensure that they are signed in. An instructor will be at entrance door to check your child in each day. Please do not leave until your child has been signed in by the instructor and you have been acknowledged.

If someone other than yourself will be dropping off or picking up your child, please provide written notification in advance.

For safety reasons, you must come inside each day to pick up your child and sign them out. Students love to show their parents what they’ve done during the day, so feel free to come in a bit early (15 – 20 minutes before we end) to have a look while we’re picking up and finishing our day.

All children must be checked out each day by the parent (or authorized pick-up) and an instructor. The instructor will ask the parent to physically “sign out” the child or children by initialing under the time of departure. A signature is required at the end of the week.

We will need to be out of the facility as promptly as possible after each day, so please plan to pick your child up on time. If you find that you will be a few minutes late, please give us a call.

Please plan to join us at the end of each workshop for a time of show and tell. your child has worked hard, learned a lot, had lots of fun and always look forward to sharing it with family and friends. Information for this event will be in our camp information email.

After the showcase, students will share their creations and put their materials back in order. Your child will be required to participate in these cleanup activities with their group as this is an important part of the teamwork model that we have focused on throughout the week.

Students will need to provide their own lunches and drinks as well as snacks for the day. Please plan to send a water bottle each day as well.

If you need to contact your child or staff for any reason, please call the camp phone number provided to you in the camp information email. Phones will be answered by the director, lead teacher or counselor at the camp..

If your contact information, or that of your alternate and/or emergency contact’s information changes, please be sure to let us know immediately.

Registration Deadline: One week prior to each camp/class/workshop.

  • Registration for all camps is open to the general community.
  • Registration is considered complete when the Registration Form is completely filled out and corresponding payment is paid.
  • Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a program reaches capacity, a waiting list will be developed and every effort will be made to create additional spaces. Learning Fun 101 has the right to cancel any camp program due to insufficient registration. If that should happen, a full refund will be provided.
  • Requests for refunds must be made in writing. Full refund if cancelling within 15 days before the start of camp, after that only 50% refund will be given. No refunds will be made for absences or withdrawals during the camp session.
  • Children must be picked up as soon as camp is over. Learning Fun 101 is not responsible for children before or after stated times. We reserve the right to charge a fee of $1/minute after 10 minutes for late pick-up.
  • It is understood that the parent or guardian signing this application certifies that their child will follow all rules and regulations, and will abide by all decisions made by the camp administration and director. In the event that rules are broken, proper action will be taken by the camp administration/director. If there is no change in behavior, the camper will be dismissed without a refund. In the event that the camper causes damage to another person or property, the parent or guardian will be held liable for all damages incurred.
  • Medication, allergies, or special needs of campers must be indicated in the space provided.
  • We strongly recommend that campers who take medication during the school year take their medication during camp so that they can participate fully in camp activities.
  • In case of a medical emergency, all efforts will be made to contact the parent, emergency contacts, and/or the child’s doctor. In the event that this is not possible, the parent hereby gives permission to the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia, or other procedures to stabilize the camper’s condition. Please remember that campers will NOT be allowed to attend camp, without having provided the appropriate forms.
  • Program Participants may be subject to termination if determined to be a danger to self or others. Participant’s parents and/or guardians will be notified immediately upon any concerns related to program participation.
  • All LEGOs and LEGO Projects are property of Learning Fun 101 and do not go home with your child.
  • I grant permission for my child to participate in all camp activities and for photos and videos including my child to be used for Learning Fun 101 marketing purposes unless otherwise indicated in writing.