Learning Fun 101’s LEGO Engineering, Programming & Robotics Summer Camps is designed for all ages and all interest.

FUNgineers:  Budding engineers’ entering grades K & 1st will be challenged with the LEGO® WeDo robotic program where they will build & program their own robotic creations and learn about gears, pulleys, levers and more!

JR. Engineers’: For our advancing robot engineers’ entering 2nd & 3rd grade, students will build robots, simple machines, LEGO® Brick creations and learn about science concepts all while having fun. They will be challenged with the LEGO® Mindstorms  NXT robotic program where they will build and program their own robotic creations!

Advanced Engineers: Our extreme builders & engineers entering 4th – 7th grade will learn about structure and design by building with our LEGO® building sets. They will be challenged with the LEGO® Mindstorms NXT & Ev3 robotic programming and will build their own robotic creations and have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge with mini competitions & challenges throughout the week!

Weekly challenges include:

Battle Bots:  Campers learn to design and build their own motorized battle cars and other vehicles. Using principles of simple and complex machines, gearing, and mechanical advantage, students will try to flip, push, or smash their opponent’s battle vehicles. Students learn the use of mechanical lifts, drills, ramps and more to disable or overcome other bots

Smart Moves: Imagine if you could program a vehicle to take you places, if each vehicle knew where all the other ones were, or if vehicles could avoid each other and the things around all on their own. Students will spend time building different types of vehicles and test them on our test track

Amazing Machines: Concepts of simple machines such as gears, pulleys, levers and wheels are introduced through a series of activity-card LEGO building projects. With the use of motors and electrical controls, the models come alive right before their eyes!

Fun and Games: Campers learn how to build and program robots to sing, dance, navigate a maze, hit or pitch a ball, play mini golf, and more.  Campers will build a new project each day, learning how to make things spin, roll, turn and rock.  Then they will take what they have learned to design their own thrills and challenges.

Special Forces:  Get ready for First LEGO League in this intensive Engineering & Programming Camp that uses authentic competitions playing fields from previous years  to give your student the extra competitive edge when competing.